Top 5 diamond seeds in Minecraft

27th Nov, 2022

Top 5 diamond seeds in Minecraft

Players can craft useful tools and armor items using diamonds, which are among the most valuable resources in Minecraft.

But, it isn't easy to collect diamonds. Players can also use custom seeds to make it easier, so they can play in worlds that have a few known locations for diamonds.

5) Desert Temple with diamonds and emeralds (Seed: 116332378)

This Bedrock Edition seed can be used to spawn a player less than 150 blocks from a desert temple. This structure is well-known for its high-quality loot, including diamonds and enchanted novels.

Three diamonds and three emeralds can be found in the desert temple, which is located close to the spawn of this seed.

4) Blacksmith house in an abandoned village (Seed : 14525714)

Minecraft players are fondly familiar with blacksmith houses because they are the only village houses that can store diamonds in their loot boxes.

The Java Edition seed will spawn the player approximately two hundred blocks from an abandoned village with its blacksmith house. Six diamonds and an iron pickaxe are found in the chest of this blacksmith house. There are also a few other items. The village coordinates are 92, 65 and 95.

3) Nether Fortress (Seed: -1242917595855049422)

This Java Edition seed is great for players who love exploring the Nether dimension. A loot chest with six diamonds is located in the Nether fortress at 292 53 167.

2) Jungle Pyramid with six diamonds (Seed: -1969652990125137044)

It is rare to find a jungle pyramid with diamonds. The hidden chest of the jungle pyramid that was created in Java seed at -1353.78. -3513 contains six diamonds. Hidden behind the wall are the traps' levers is the hidden chest.

1) Sixty diamonds at the end of the city (Seed: 23345882470766)

The Java seed creates an end city at 2, 60, and 2265 with incredible loot. Its chests can be used to obtain sixty diamonds as well as many enchanted tools and armor pieces.

End cities are a popular structure because they are home to end ships, which are the only source of Elytras.

Corals are not essential for the game, unlike most other items. Corals are great for decoration and are used primarily for that purpose. A coral placed under a noteblock produces a bass drum sound.

Coral can be used as decoration. However, it must not come in direct contact water. It is impossible to return it to its original state once it has become dead coral.