Russian teenager sentenced to five years in prison in Minecraft for terrorist acts

2nd Dec, 2022

Russian teenager sentenced to five years in prison in Minecraft for terrorist acts

A teenager was sentenced for terrorist threats to a Minecraft structure that they had built. This has got to be one of the most bizzare things to happen on the Minecraft servers.

Minecraft allows players to create and build almost any kind of thing. Different servers offer different activities and experiences. Over 141 million Minecraft users are worldwide, but that doesn't mean it's always fun and games within Minecraft's blocks.

A 16-year old boy had a plan to build Russia's Federal Security Service building, so that other players could destroy it. The teenager from Serbia was sentenced to five-years in prison.

In-game actions of Nikita Uvarov led to real-life consequences for her in 2020. Uvarov claimed that he was innocent of illegal weapons possession and terrorist-related training. On February 10, Uvarov was found guilty by the First Eastern District Military Court of the Krasnoyarsk Region.

Uvarov was only 14 years old when he was detained in 2020. The teenager was selling brochures supporting Azat Mifitakhov at the time. He was currently in custody on terrorism charges. Investigators discovered that Uvarov was talking to friends about adding the FSB Building to Minecraft in the hope of having it blown up.

Uvarov and his friends had said that “the FSB was the main terrorist” through pamphlets they distributed. Prosecutors claim that Uvarov and two of his friends were criticizing the FSB through chats, as well as reading banned books in Kansk and exploding Molotov cocktails at abandoned buildings.

According to Uvarov's mother, she knew that they were making bombs, but dismissed it as a small, childish prank. Uravov, however, said that he simply wanted to learn more about physics and chemical chemistry.

Urvarov is alleged to have refused to cooperate in 2020 with investigators. Urvarov was then placed in juvenile detention for 11 months, but was eventually released to complete the 9th grade. Urvarov maintained his innocence during the trial, which he rejected.

“It was hard for me to watch how my country oppresses civil rights activists who want the best of the country and support its well-being. Uvarov stated that he is now experiencing the despotism of the system's unfair collaborators.