New features expected in Minecraft

15th Dec, 2022

New features expected in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the gaming world. Minecraft's success can be attributed to its excellent game updates each year, which are new elements added to the game.

Mojang recently released Minecraft Caves and Cliffs 2, which has changed Minecraft as we know it forever. Mojang has released another amazing update after such an enormous update.

Despite being feature-rich, the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs updates did not add all of the promised features due to time constraints. This did not mean that the features would be removed from future games.


The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update had many anticipated features. Unfortunately, not all of these features will be included in the final game. Bundles will be available in future updates.

It is not known if bundles will be included with The Wild Update. This item is game-changing because it's a cheaper alternative to shulker and a rare block that is only available to endgame gamers.

4) Goat horns

Bundles also met with the same fate for goat horns. It is not known when this feature will be available in Minecraft. Bedrock Edition already has goat horns, but they are only used to reproduce the sound of the pillager raider horn. If it fits the theme, Mojang will likely add the goat's horn to a future update.

3) A new birch forest

Mojang unveiled mangrove swamps at Minecraft Live 2021. This is a new type of swamp-type biome. Mojang shared artwork featuring improved Birch forests while showcasing mangrove swamp-inspired artworks.

The Wild Update will bring birch forests and swamps to the game next year. This biome, based on the artwork suggests that it will be home to tall birch forests as well as buzzy bees.

2) A new savanna biome

Mojang may have gotten too much last year when they announced features at Minecraft Live 2020. Many of these features were delayed which disappointed many players. Mojang likely played safe and revealed The Wild Update, but did not reveal many new features.

The Wild Update could pack tons of biome enhancements just like mangrove swamps, based on the title. Many players have already begun to expect a new savanna-based biome in Minecraft 1.19 update. Savannas are also runners-up in biome voting, just like swamps.

1) Ostriches, vultures, and many more

Future updates will be made to the badlands, desert, and savanna. These biome updates will also include animals like vultures and ostriches as well as meerkats and many more.