Features that should be in Minecraft already

12th Jan, 2023

Features that should be in Minecraft already

Each day, Minecraft receives a lot of mods that improve the quality of life and add new features. Minecraft is an open-world, sandbox game that allows for many things.

This article will list five mods that can add significant value to the base game.

Minecraft is an open-world, massive game. Beginners need to be able to identify which blocks or items can be used in what slots.

What's That Slot? This mod shows which items can be used in what slots. This feature is very helpful for beginners and should be added to vanilla Minecraft.

4) Fictional biomes

Biomes O'Plenty is a Minecraft world generation mod that has been praised by many Minecrafters. It adds over fifty unique biomes.

The majority of biomes in this mod do not look like the ones found in the real world. This indicates that there is a playerbase who wants unreal biomes in Minecraft.

3) Shaders

Shaders might be viewed negatively by some players, as Minecraft is designed to be a low-resolution game. Shaders are a popular visual mod and should be included in the game. Learn how to install shaders for interested readers here.

2) Furniture

Minecraft is about building things with blocks. Houses that look like real buildings are one of the most popular structures.

Unfortunately, even though the game is out for more than ten years, there is not a single piece of furniture that can be used in place of a bed inside a house.

The CurseForge website has more than thirty-one million downloads of one of the most popular furniture mods. This shows how many players want furniture in the game.

1) Voice chat

Minecraft has grown to be a popular multiplayer game over the years. It is best played with your friends online.

Communicating with other players is difficult as they have to either type out everything or use an external application such as Discord for voice chat. Voice chat is a common feature in multiplayer games, and should be included in Minecraft.