Factions Servers

Since its inception, Minecraft Factions has been a very popular multiplayer Minecraft game mode.

Each server of Factions will have a slightly different gameplay. The general idea is that players spawn in a vast PvP-enabled universe where they form their own “factions”.

Many factions servers allow players to use TNT cannons to raid, pillage and loot bases belonging to other factions. This allows them to make their own money. These are the best factions servers, with excellent PvP, no lag and great maps.


Mox MC has been rated the best factions server on a popular list of servers dedicated to this game mode.

Players can join the server by simply typing “/kit PVP” after they have signed up. Players will be able to get a powerful PvP set of gear, potions and other goodies by typing “/kit pvp” upon joining.

Mox MC also offers a unique feature: the custom auction house system. Players can sell their valuable items to the entire server, and other players can bid on them.


Average playercount: 1000+

MassiveCraft Factions – IP: Massivecraft.com

MassiveCraft describes itself as the “original Minecraft Factions server,” first coming online almost 10 years ago. MassiveCraft was founded by and is still managed by the same team that developed the first Minecraft factions plugin. Many factions servers still use it impressively to this day.

MassiveCraft is the original creators of the factions mode. Players can expect only the best from MassiveCraft. MassiveCraft boasts unique features like custom bosses, custom mobs, and questlines that are not available elsewhere.

IP: Massivecraft.com

Average playercount: 150+

Archon – IP address archonhq.net

The Archon is the most popular faction server in Minecraft. It boasts thousands of players every day, and millions throughout its 8-year history.

The Archon is competitive and offers thousands of dollars in cash payouts every season to the most successful factions. The server’s gameplay is centered on PvP and TNT raiding.

IP: archonhq.net

Average playercount: 1500+

Viper MC IP: vipermc.net

Viper MC is currently the dominant Minecraft hardcore factions scene (HCF), attracting an average of nearly 10,000 players to every map.

HCF, a special type of Minecraft Factions that is less forgiving and more competitive, is not something players are familiar with. Players who die in HCF will receive a deathban, which means they won’t be able to join the server for a certain amount of time.

Viper MC servers will make it possible for players to die too often in HCF servers. This means that other players can raid their base and steal their valuable possessions.

IP: vipermc.com

Average playercount: 750+

Cosmic PvP IP: cosmicpvp.com

Cosmic PvP, a Minecraft Factions network, features many individual faction servers. These servers are called “planets” because they are unique to each other. There are currently three distinct planets with hundreds of concurrent players.

Cosmic PvP offers its own custom Minecraft client. It is appropriately named the “Cosmic Client.”

The client comes with several PvP FPS optimizations. It also allows the server to implement features that other servers may not be able to. This includes custom textures, minimaps and voice chat.

Get the Cosmic Client here

IP: cosmicpvp.com

Average playercount: 900+

The educational advantages of Minecraft!

It’s been over a decade, and Minecraft seems to be ever-growing with its popularity with kids and adults alike. But along with being extremely fun to play, Minecraft is equally educative for kids.

Isn’t it great that a game can provide fun and learning both? Let’s run through how Minecraft can help your child learn various vital lessons in life.

1.     Minecraft Reinforces Life Skills

Minecraft does an excellent job with improving some of the most important aspects of life skills as below.

Problem-solving ability

The survival mode in Minecraft prepares a mind to think quickly. When some creatures appear in the night, suddenly attacking players, it urges players to explore their problem-solving abilities.

The game challenges you to find ways to build weapons, form a shelter, and gather food to sustain. And one doesn’t have all day to strategize but only about minutes, or one Minecraft day, to pull strings to survive.

Imagination and Creativity

Minecraft allows kids to explore their creative side and run their imagination but within the scope of working with blocks to adjust within a specific grid. All of Minecraft’s game modes offer various options to use creativity.


In Minecraft, there is no particular way of winning. You must use your discretion and decide what would be best as you go along. It gives you the liberty to ask important questions to yourself to make decisions.

As a player, you need to constantly decide if you want to gather resources, collaborate with others or build things. This aspect reinforces your child to take charge.


Your kids can play Minecraft either on the public internet online or if you set up your own Minecraft server. The game allows players to join forces to achieve goals, whether they play worldwide or locally.

The act of collaboration helps a kid learns the importance of teamwork in doing everything together for a common goal. And this trait is something they can apply in the real world too.

2.     Minecraft Augments Academic Skills

You will be amazed how Minecraft improves classroom skills inadvertently while playing, such as reading, writing, and calculations.

Writing and Reading

There is a chat section to chat with players while playing multiplayer mode in Minecraft. While constantly communicating with different players through the chat forum, you practice writing and scanning chats.

Their reading and writing skills improve because they practice these skills in a fun way and with the motivation to express their ideas. They even go to the length of acquiring more books, materials, and tutorials for research purposes to advance in the game. An in that process, they hone their research ability and improve knowledge.


As stated earlier, Minecraft days or time is much shorter than in the real world. Kids have lesser time to figure out ways to make ends meet and, in that process, learn to calculate the estimated time they may have to do everything.

Minecraft even has applications for mathematics that many tutors use for their pupils. The act of controlling blocks and building shapes in the game develops a child’s geometry-solving traits.


Kids learn an awful lot about history as they get to memorize various historical landmarks and monuments inadvertently. They can go on a virtual expedition to places like the Globe Theatre, the Great Pyramids, or the Coliseum. As they visit these sites, they get a better knowledge of their architecture and structure.

3.     Minecraft Improves Career Skills

The skills you apply to play Minecraft can be very well suitable in a place of work. Your child will learn these skills before even entering his career life.

Business Ethics

Imagine if you were to host your server and all the pre-requisites you will need to fulfill to do so. You will develop the skills to enter a career related to systems management, administration, and business. Because when you host a Minecraft server, you will need to do the following

  • procure hardware and maintain it, 
  • understand the technology involved, 
  • keep yourself informed with new product releases, 
  • look for mods and install them, 
  • ensure mods compatibility with the latest Minecraft version
  • server maintenance
  • render support to players

Aren’t these what a systems administrator does?


Minecraft will help your child learn all about game design and coding, the future language. They understand what you call STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) knowledge.


Gaming isn’t always terrible if it can come with o many benefits like Minecraft does. It is what you call fun in learning. Let your child have fun and learn about the thing they will need to do well in life. Just make sure you monitor them while playing.