Guide to nether mobs for Minecraft

It can be difficult to survive in the Nether realm of Minecraft. Many players might find it impossible that any creature could survive there. The Nether is home to many Minecraft mobs, despite its fire and brimstone.

Mobs can be found in every corner Minecraft’s Nether. Many of these mobs can be found in the Nether, including the soul sand valleys and the lakes of lava. Are you unsure what Nether mobs look like or where they can be found? This is a common problem. This is our guide to Minecraft Nethers and where they can be found.

All Nether mobs found in Minecraft


Blazes can be used to make blaze rods by killing hostile mobs. This floating mob can be found in Nether fortresses at light levels 11 and below.


Endermen can be found in all realms and are hostile, teleporting mobs. They can be found in soul sand valleys and Nether wastes.


Ghasts are flying mobs of people who shed ghast tears when they die. These mobs of ghostly-like mobs can be found in the soul sand valleys, Nether wastes and basalt deltas. Ghasts require a space of 5×5 blocks that is four blocks high with a solid block beneath it to spawn.


Hoglins, hostile mobs that resemble pigs, are hostile mobs. After death, they drop leather and pork. You can find small hoglin groups in the Nether’s Crimson Forests.

Magma cube

Magma cubes, which are similar to slimes, are hostile mobs. They drop magma crème. You can find a magma cream cube at all levels of the Nether.


Players can barter with Piglins, a neutral mob. They are found in bastion remnants that have a level 11 or lower. They can also be found in Nether Wastes and Crimson Forests, but they will spawn in smaller numbers.

Piglin brute

Piglin brutes, a more powerful and hostile version of Minecraft’s piglin mob, are an even stronger variant. They will appear in only a few rooms of the remaining rooms, but they will spawn in bastion remains upon world generation.


Skeletons are hostile mobs that Minecraft players can find in both the Overworld and Nether realms. This undead mob is found in the Nether’s Nether fortresses or soul sand valleys. To appear, they need a light level of seven and less.


The only passive, naturally occurring mob in Minecraft’s Nether is the Striders. They can walk on lava. You can equip your striders and ride them with a warperfungus on a stick. Striders can be spawned in any lava space that is at least two blocks high and has an airblock above it.

You can’t have a skeleton.

The undead mob of Wither skeletons is the skeleton. They can be found in Minecraft at light levels seven and below. They can spawn in groups of four, and they have the potential to drop wither skeleton skulls on their deaths.

Zombified piglin

Zombified Piglins are undead, zombified versions of piglins. They are a neutral mob. They can be found in groups of four anywhere in the Nether. However, they are most commonly found in the Nether wastes, Nether fortresses and Crimson forests.

How to set up your enchantment table

Minecraft is a game with its own charm, literally. Minecraft is a huge open-world survival game that’s filled with realistic and natural features, magic and enchantment.

Enchanting your Minecraft weapons, tools, and armor can make them more powerful. These magical enchantments can make weapons more deadly, tools more efficient, or armor more powerful. You can even enchant books to make them more useful for items. To create enchanting items, players must first craft an enchanting tableau.

Once the table is made, players can place it wherever they like and start enchanting their items using Lapis Lazuli.

Players will soon discover that enchantments can have different strengths. To increase the strength and power of enchantments players will need to build a library surrounding the enchanting table. They will also need to have more XP in order to enchant stronger items.

For the best enchantments, set up Minecraft’s magical table

Bookshelves will be placed around the table to increase the effect of the enchanting tables. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stuff the table with bookshelves. A pattern is essential.

Players must place 15 bookshelves around an enchanting table to get the best out of it. It is important to keep one block between the table and the bookshelf.

The enchanting table will require players to place three bookshelves horizontally, and two vertically. The library can be accessed from one side, or the other side can be used as a way for players to leave. This is the final setup.

This bookshelf configuration allows players to get the best level of enchantment for their tools, weapons and armor in Minecraft.

Notice: To enchant more powerful items, you will need to have more XP.