Minecraft Snapshot 20w10a

Today’s snapshot is loud! It also includes a bunch new ambient sounds that adds some nice flavour to the Nether biomes. You will also need to use the smithing tables to create Netherite. Happy mining!

New Features in 20w10a

– Added crimson, warped hyphae, all-sided “stem blocks”, including stripped variations. Use a smithing tablet to fuse the Netherite Ingot with your diamond tool/armor. New ambient sounds for Nether biomes

Changes in 20w10a

– Fish now despawn if they are more than 64 blocks from the nearest player. Hoes now look more like other tools used for breaking blocks. Updated the Netherite texture textures. Bartering loot has again been modified to bring back Soul Sand, make Netherite hoes less common, remove/add items to better suit survival players.

Hoe Changes

We have made some changes to Hoes in order to make them more useful in Nether.

Hoes are able to enchant themselves with the following enchantments. Efficiency, Fortune, Silk Touch – These enchantments are now available through the magical table.

Bartering Loot

– Soul Sand is back! – Netherite hoe much less common – Shroomlight removed – Warped Fungus removed – Iron Nuggets included

Technical Changes in 20w10a

UUIDs for Entities

– The UUIDs of projectile owners, such as arrows and snowballs, are now stored in an array of four integers. In the future, all UUIDs will be stored as this format.

New tags for item frames

Invisible – Makes the item frame invisible (but the item within it remains visible).Fixed: Prevents the item frame from breaking and the item within from being taken out

target_hit advancement trigger type

Signal_strength matches The signal strength output from block on hitprojectile matches that of the projectile entityshooter matches that of the player who shot or threw it

Fixed bugs in 20w10a

MC-130906 – Dolphins move very fast near a boat

MC-131046: Angry dolphins show players dolphin’s grace

MC-146824: Inconsistency: Tripwire hooks and ladders cannot be placed on redstone blocks’ sides, observers or target blocks.

MC-147496: Dolphin tries to catch a non-player rider’s boat

MC-152441: Corner quartz stairs (not corner smooth Quartz stairs) do NOT have the border at the bottom or back that a normal quartz staircase would.

MC-165518 Village houses desert_temple_1 or plains_temple_4 do not have a floor at their entrance

MC-169533 – Asymmetrical walls in snowy_cartographer_house_1

MC-169715 – Misrotated block in snowy_small_house_3.

MC-169869 – Mooshrooms using an incorrect texture in Programmer art

MC-170242: Asymmetrical walls in the taiga_medium_house_4

MC-170470 – At snowy_library_1, a snow block is placed right next to the window. This creates an ugly visual effect

MC-170819 – Netherite boots and sword textures have transparent pixels

MC-170829 – When you drop netherite armor and tools into lava it sounds like they are burning

MC-170897: Fossils can be created in the air from soulsand valleys

MC-171367 – Warped Fungi item doesn’t match block texture

MC-171447 – Crimson root item form has inconsistent textures

MC-172077 – Piglins with NoAI shakes in the overworld

MC-172082: Piglins don’t serialize their conversion times

MC-172242 – Left-handed piglins don’t look at gold ingots with their right hand

MC-172567 – Wither skeletons are not automatically attacking piglins

MC-173021 Unuseful Warning Logged when server receives incorrect vehicle movements packets

MC-173090: Attacking baby Piglins won’t anger any adult Piglins

MC-173165 – Piglin Bartering Loot Table includes an additional “set_count” function

MC-173168 – The word “backup”, instead of “back up”, appears in the MC-173168.

MC-173169 – Piglins aren’t attracted by powered rails

MC-173176: Serialization error affecting whitelist and operators list

MC-173244 – Target block moved by pistons keeps their signal strength permanently

Take a snapshot

Snapshots are available to Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the snapshot, open Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots under the “Installations” tab.

Guide to nether mobs for Minecraft

It can be difficult to survive in the Nether realm of Minecraft. Many players might find it impossible that any creature could survive there. The Nether is home to many Minecraft mobs, despite its fire and brimstone.

Mobs can be found in every corner Minecraft’s Nether. Many of these mobs can be found in the Nether, including the soul sand valleys and the lakes of lava. Are you unsure what Nether mobs look like or where they can be found? This is a common problem. This is our guide to Minecraft Nethers and where they can be found.

All Nether mobs found in Minecraft


Blazes can be used to make blaze rods by killing hostile mobs. This floating mob can be found in Nether fortresses at light levels 11 and below.


Endermen can be found in all realms and are hostile, teleporting mobs. They can be found in soul sand valleys and Nether wastes.


Ghasts are flying mobs of people who shed ghast tears when they die. These mobs of ghostly-like mobs can be found in the soul sand valleys, Nether wastes and basalt deltas. Ghasts require a space of 5×5 blocks that is four blocks high with a solid block beneath it to spawn.


Hoglins, hostile mobs that resemble pigs, are hostile mobs. After death, they drop leather and pork. You can find small hoglin groups in the Nether’s Crimson Forests.

Magma cube

Magma cubes, which are similar to slimes, are hostile mobs. They drop magma crème. You can find a magma cream cube at all levels of the Nether.


Players can barter with Piglins, a neutral mob. They are found in bastion remnants that have a level 11 or lower. They can also be found in Nether Wastes and Crimson Forests, but they will spawn in smaller numbers.

Piglin brute

Piglin brutes, a more powerful and hostile version of Minecraft’s piglin mob, are an even stronger variant. They will appear in only a few rooms of the remaining rooms, but they will spawn in bastion remains upon world generation.


Skeletons are hostile mobs that Minecraft players can find in both the Overworld and Nether realms. This undead mob is found in the Nether’s Nether fortresses or soul sand valleys. To appear, they need a light level of seven and less.


The only passive, naturally occurring mob in Minecraft’s Nether is the Striders. They can walk on lava. You can equip your striders and ride them with a warperfungus on a stick. Striders can be spawned in any lava space that is at least two blocks high and has an airblock above it.

You can’t have a skeleton.

The undead mob of Wither skeletons is the skeleton. They can be found in Minecraft at light levels seven and below. They can spawn in groups of four, and they have the potential to drop wither skeleton skulls on their deaths.

Zombified piglin

Zombified Piglins are undead, zombified versions of piglins. They are a neutral mob. They can be found in groups of four anywhere in the Nether. However, they are most commonly found in the Nether wastes, Nether fortresses and Crimson forests.

How to set up your enchantment table

Minecraft is a game with its own charm, literally. Minecraft is a huge open-world survival game that’s filled with realistic and natural features, magic and enchantment.

Enchanting your Minecraft weapons, tools, and armor can make them more powerful. These magical enchantments can make weapons more deadly, tools more efficient, or armor more powerful. You can even enchant books to make them more useful for items. To create enchanting items, players must first craft an enchanting tableau.

Once the table is made, players can place it wherever they like and start enchanting their items using Lapis Lazuli.

Players will soon discover that enchantments can have different strengths. To increase the strength and power of enchantments players will need to build a library surrounding the enchanting table. They will also need to have more XP in order to enchant stronger items.

For the best enchantments, set up Minecraft’s magical table

Bookshelves will be placed around the table to increase the effect of the enchanting tables. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stuff the table with bookshelves. A pattern is essential.

Players must place 15 bookshelves around an enchanting table to get the best out of it. It is important to keep one block between the table and the bookshelf.

The enchanting table will require players to place three bookshelves horizontally, and two vertically. The library can be accessed from one side, or the other side can be used as a way for players to leave. This is the final setup.

This bookshelf configuration allows players to get the best level of enchantment for their tools, weapons and armor in Minecraft.

Notice: To enchant more powerful items, you will need to have more XP.

Features that should be in Minecraft already

Each day, Minecraft receives a lot of mods that improve the quality of life and add new features. Minecraft is an open-world, sandbox game that allows for many things.

This article will list five mods that can add significant value to the base game.

Minecraft is an open-world, massive game. Beginners need to be able to identify which blocks or items can be used in what slots.

What’s That Slot? This mod shows which items can be used in what slots. This feature is very helpful for beginners and should be added to vanilla Minecraft.

4) Fictional biomes

Biomes O’Plenty is a Minecraft world generation mod that has been praised by many Minecrafters. It adds over fifty unique biomes.

The majority of biomes in this mod do not look like the ones found in the real world. This indicates that there is a playerbase who wants unreal biomes in Minecraft.

3) Shaders

Shaders might be viewed negatively by some players, as Minecraft is designed to be a low-resolution game. Shaders are a popular visual mod and should be included in the game. Learn how to install shaders for interested readers here.

2) Furniture

Minecraft is about building things with blocks. Houses that look like real buildings are one of the most popular structures.

Unfortunately, even though the game is out for more than ten years, there is not a single piece of furniture that can be used in place of a bed inside a house.

The CurseForge website has more than thirty-one million downloads of one of the most popular furniture mods. This shows how many players want furniture in the game.

1) Voice chat

Minecraft has grown to be a popular multiplayer game over the years. It is best played with your friends online.

Communicating with other players is difficult as they have to either type out everything or use an external application such as Discord for voice chat. Voice chat is a common feature in multiplayer games, and should be included in Minecraft.

Top 5 diamond seeds in Minecraft

Players can craft useful tools and armor items using diamonds, which are among the most valuable resources in Minecraft.

But, it isn’t easy to collect diamonds. Players can also use custom seeds to make it easier, so they can play in worlds that have a few known locations for diamonds.

5) Desert Temple with diamonds and emeralds (Seed: 116332378)

This Bedrock Edition seed can be used to spawn a player less than 150 blocks from a desert temple. This structure is well-known for its high-quality loot, including diamonds and enchanted novels.

Three diamonds and three emeralds can be found in the desert temple, which is located close to the spawn of this seed.

4) Blacksmith house in an abandoned village (Seed : 14525714)

Minecraft players are fondly familiar with blacksmith houses because they are the only village houses that can store diamonds in their loot boxes.

The Java Edition seed will spawn the player approximately two hundred blocks from an abandoned village with its blacksmith house. Six diamonds and an iron pickaxe are found in the chest of this blacksmith house. There are also a few other items. The village coordinates are 92, 65 and 95.

3) Nether Fortress (Seed: -1242917595855049422)

This Java Edition seed is great for players who love exploring the Nether dimension. A loot chest with six diamonds is located in the Nether fortress at 292 53 167.

2) Jungle Pyramid with six diamonds (Seed: -1969652990125137044)

It is rare to find a jungle pyramid with diamonds. The hidden chest of the jungle pyramid that was created in Java seed at -1353.78. -3513 contains six diamonds. Hidden behind the wall are the traps’ levers is the hidden chest.

1) Sixty diamonds at the end of the city (Seed: 23345882470766)

The Java seed creates an end city at 2, 60, and 2265 with incredible loot. Its chests can be used to obtain sixty diamonds as well as many enchanted tools and armor pieces.

End cities are a popular structure because they are home to end ships, which are the only source of Elytras.

Corals are not essential for the game, unlike most other items. Corals are great for decoration and are used primarily for that purpose. A coral placed under a noteblock produces a bass drum sound.

Coral can be used as decoration. However, it must not come in direct contact water. It is impossible to return it to its original state once it has become dead coral.

New features expected in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the gaming world. Minecraft’s success can be attributed to its excellent game updates each year, which are new elements added to the game.

Mojang recently released Minecraft Caves and Cliffs 2, which has changed Minecraft as we know it forever. Mojang has released another amazing update after such an enormous update.

Despite being feature-rich, the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs updates did not add all of the promised features due to time constraints. This did not mean that the features would be removed from future games.


The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update had many anticipated features. Unfortunately, not all of these features will be included in the final game. Bundles will be available in future updates.

It is not known if bundles will be included with The Wild Update. This item is game-changing because it’s a cheaper alternative to shulker and a rare block that is only available to endgame gamers.

4) Goat horns

Bundles also met with the same fate for goat horns. It is not known when this feature will be available in Minecraft. Bedrock Edition already has goat horns, but they are only used to reproduce the sound of the pillager raider horn. If it fits the theme, Mojang will likely add the goat’s horn to a future update.

3) A new birch forest

Mojang unveiled mangrove swamps at Minecraft Live 2021. This is a new type of swamp-type biome. Mojang shared artwork featuring improved Birch forests while showcasing mangrove swamp-inspired artworks.

The Wild Update will bring birch forests and swamps to the game next year. This biome, based on the artwork suggests that it will be home to tall birch forests as well as buzzy bees.

2) A new savanna biome

Mojang may have gotten too much last year when they announced features at Minecraft Live 2020. Many of these features were delayed which disappointed many players. Mojang likely played safe and revealed The Wild Update, but did not reveal many new features.

The Wild Update could pack tons of biome enhancements just like mangrove swamps, based on the title. Many players have already begun to expect a new savanna-based biome in Minecraft 1.19 update. Savannas are also runners-up in biome voting, just like swamps.

1) Ostriches, vultures, and many more

Future updates will be made to the badlands, desert, and savanna. These biome updates will also include animals like vultures and ostriches as well as meerkats and many more.

Where to find coal in Minecraft

One of the most important items in Minecraft is coal. You can use it for many purposes but the most important are to make torches, smelt, and cook food.

The generation mechanisms for many ores have been completely altered with the Minecraft 1.18 update. This has resulted in a decrease in efficiency for many of the best methods to obtain coal.

This guide is for those who are enjoying Minecraft 1.18 but still have trouble finding coal.

Since Minecraft 1.18’s “Caves and Cliffs”, part 2, coal ore has been much more prevalent and will produce large blobs. These blobs can be found between the heights Y = 265 and Y = 0.

However, coal ore blobs can be generated at different heights, ranging from 0 to 256. Coal ore blobs are most commonly found between Y= 95 and Y= 96.

If you are looking for coal ore but don’t have the funds to mine it, a good tip is to visual scan the surface and sides of cliff structures. This is where you will often find exposed coal ore, sometimes in large quantities. This is a great option for people in the beginning stages of the game, as it doesn’t require much mining.

If you are looking to acquire a lot of coal quickly, it may be beneficial to strip mine at levels Y=95 and Y=96. These levels produce coal at a consistent rate, and many stacks can easily be made in less than 20 minutes if everything is done properly.

Strip mining, also known as “branch mining”, can be used by players to quickly obtain a particular type of ore.

This technique increases Minecraft players’ chances of obtaining ores faster because many types of ores can be generated across the map and can often be found in nearby veins.

It is recommended that players strip mine coal at the highest possible level. Below is a detailed guide that explains how to use the strip mine method in Minecraft.

Russian teenager sentenced to five years in prison in Minecraft for terrorist acts.

A teenager was sentenced for terrorist threats to a Minecraft structure that they had built. This has got to be one of the most bizzare things to happen on the Minecraft servers.

Minecraft allows players to create and build almost any kind of thing. Different servers offer different activities and experiences. Over 141 million Minecraft users are worldwide, but that doesn’t mean it’s always fun and games within Minecraft’s blocks.

A 16-year old boy had a plan to build Russia’s Federal Security Service building, so that other players could destroy it. The teenager from Serbia was sentenced to five-years in prison.

In-game actions of Nikita Uvarov led to real-life consequences for her in 2020. Uvarov claimed that he was innocent of illegal weapons possession and terrorist-related training. On February 10, Uvarov was found guilty by the First Eastern District Military Court of the Krasnoyarsk Region.

Uvarov was only 14 years old when he was detained in 2020. The teenager was selling brochures supporting Azat Mifitakhov at the time. He was currently in custody on terrorism charges. Investigators discovered that Uvarov was talking to friends about adding the FSB Building to Minecraft in the hope of having it blown up.

Uvarov and his friends had said that “the FSB was the main terrorist” through pamphlets they distributed. Prosecutors claim that Uvarov and two of his friends were criticizing the FSB through chats, as well as reading banned books in Kansk and exploding Molotov cocktails at abandoned buildings.

According to Uvarov’s mother, she knew that they were making bombs, but dismissed it as a small, childish prank. Uravov, however, said that he simply wanted to learn more about physics and chemical chemistry.

Urvarov is alleged to have refused to cooperate in 2020 with investigators. Urvarov was then placed in juvenile detention for 11 months, but was eventually released to complete the 9th grade. Urvarov maintained his innocence during the trial, which he rejected.

“It was hard for me to watch how my country oppresses civil rights activists who want the best of the country and support its well-being. Uvarov stated that he is now experiencing the despotism of the system’s unfair collaborators.

Factions Servers

Since its inception, Minecraft Factions has been a very popular multiplayer Minecraft game mode.

Each server of Factions will have a slightly different gameplay. The general idea is that players spawn in a vast PvP-enabled universe where they form their own “factions”.

Many factions servers allow players to use TNT cannons to raid, pillage and loot bases belonging to other factions. This allows them to make their own money. These are the best factions servers, with excellent PvP, no lag and great maps.


Mox MC has been rated the best factions server on a popular list of servers dedicated to this game mode.

Players can join the server by simply typing “/kit PVP” after they have signed up. Players will be able to get a powerful PvP set of gear, potions and other goodies by typing “/kit pvp” upon joining.

Mox MC also offers a unique feature: the custom auction house system. Players can sell their valuable items to the entire server, and other players can bid on them.


Average playercount: 1000+

MassiveCraft Factions – IP: Massivecraft.com

MassiveCraft describes itself as the “original Minecraft Factions server,” first coming online almost 10 years ago. MassiveCraft was founded by and is still managed by the same team that developed the first Minecraft factions plugin. Many factions servers still use it impressively to this day.

MassiveCraft is the original creators of the factions mode. Players can expect only the best from MassiveCraft. MassiveCraft boasts unique features like custom bosses, custom mobs, and questlines that are not available elsewhere.

IP: Massivecraft.com

Average playercount: 150+

Archon – IP address archonhq.net

The Archon is the most popular faction server in Minecraft. It boasts thousands of players every day, and millions throughout its 8-year history.

The Archon is competitive and offers thousands of dollars in cash payouts every season to the most successful factions. The server’s gameplay is centered on PvP and TNT raiding.

IP: archonhq.net

Average playercount: 1500+

Viper MC IP: vipermc.net

Viper MC is currently the dominant Minecraft hardcore factions scene (HCF), attracting an average of nearly 10,000 players to every map.

HCF, a special type of Minecraft Factions that is less forgiving and more competitive, is not something players are familiar with. Players who die in HCF will receive a deathban, which means they won’t be able to join the server for a certain amount of time.

Viper MC servers will make it possible for players to die too often in HCF servers. This means that other players can raid their base and steal their valuable possessions.

IP: vipermc.com

Average playercount: 750+

Cosmic PvP IP: cosmicpvp.com

Cosmic PvP, a Minecraft Factions network, features many individual faction servers. These servers are called “planets” because they are unique to each other. There are currently three distinct planets with hundreds of concurrent players.

Cosmic PvP offers its own custom Minecraft client. It is appropriately named the “Cosmic Client.”

The client comes with several PvP FPS optimizations. It also allows the server to implement features that other servers may not be able to. This includes custom textures, minimaps and voice chat.

Get the Cosmic Client here

IP: cosmicpvp.com

Average playercount: 900+

The educational advantages of Minecraft!

It’s been over a decade, and Minecraft seems to be ever-growing with its popularity with kids and adults alike. But along with being extremely fun to play, Minecraft is equally educative for kids.

Isn’t it great that a game can provide fun and learning both? Let’s run through how Minecraft can help your child learn various vital lessons in life.

1.     Minecraft Reinforces Life Skills

Minecraft does an excellent job with improving some of the most important aspects of life skills as below.

Problem-solving ability

The survival mode in Minecraft prepares a mind to think quickly. When some creatures appear in the night, suddenly attacking players, it urges players to explore their problem-solving abilities.

The game challenges you to find ways to build weapons, form a shelter, and gather food to sustain. And one doesn’t have all day to strategize but only about minutes, or one Minecraft day, to pull strings to survive.

Imagination and Creativity

Minecraft allows kids to explore their creative side and run their imagination but within the scope of working with blocks to adjust within a specific grid. All of Minecraft’s game modes offer various options to use creativity.


In Minecraft, there is no particular way of winning. You must use your discretion and decide what would be best as you go along. It gives you the liberty to ask important questions to yourself to make decisions.

As a player, you need to constantly decide if you want to gather resources, collaborate with others or build things. This aspect reinforces your child to take charge.


Your kids can play Minecraft either on the public internet online or if you set up your own Minecraft server. The game allows players to join forces to achieve goals, whether they play worldwide or locally.

The act of collaboration helps a kid learns the importance of teamwork in doing everything together for a common goal. And this trait is something they can apply in the real world too.

2.     Minecraft Augments Academic Skills

You will be amazed how Minecraft improves classroom skills inadvertently while playing, such as reading, writing, and calculations.

Writing and Reading

There is a chat section to chat with players while playing multiplayer mode in Minecraft. While constantly communicating with different players through the chat forum, you practice writing and scanning chats.

Their reading and writing skills improve because they practice these skills in a fun way and with the motivation to express their ideas. They even go to the length of acquiring more books, materials, and tutorials for research purposes to advance in the game. An in that process, they hone their research ability and improve knowledge.


As stated earlier, Minecraft days or time is much shorter than in the real world. Kids have lesser time to figure out ways to make ends meet and, in that process, learn to calculate the estimated time they may have to do everything.

Minecraft even has applications for mathematics that many tutors use for their pupils. The act of controlling blocks and building shapes in the game develops a child’s geometry-solving traits.


Kids learn an awful lot about history as they get to memorize various historical landmarks and monuments inadvertently. They can go on a virtual expedition to places like the Globe Theatre, the Great Pyramids, or the Coliseum. As they visit these sites, they get a better knowledge of their architecture and structure.

3.     Minecraft Improves Career Skills

The skills you apply to play Minecraft can be very well suitable in a place of work. Your child will learn these skills before even entering his career life.

Business Ethics

Imagine if you were to host your server and all the pre-requisites you will need to fulfill to do so. You will develop the skills to enter a career related to systems management, administration, and business. Because when you host a Minecraft server, you will need to do the following

  • procure hardware and maintain it, 
  • understand the technology involved, 
  • keep yourself informed with new product releases, 
  • look for mods and install them, 
  • ensure mods compatibility with the latest Minecraft version
  • server maintenance
  • render support to players

Aren’t these what a systems administrator does?


Minecraft will help your child learn all about game design and coding, the future language. They understand what you call STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) knowledge.


Gaming isn’t always terrible if it can come with o many benefits like Minecraft does. It is what you call fun in learning. Let your child have fun and learn about the thing they will need to do well in life. Just make sure you monitor them while playing.